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How to stay ‘on-strategy’ – 5 tips for success. Brand Consultant, Brand Consultancy, Customer Experience, Customer Loyalty, Surrey, London

5 steps to attract, create and retain super-high value customers

We all know that customers who recommend your brand to others are valuable to your business. If these customers strongly recommend your brand to others, then it has done something for them that they love. So, I call these customers Brand Fans. Typically, they are the least sensitive to the prices your brand charges and […]

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6 Tips to create a Brand Strategy that delivers x10 growth not +10%. Brand Consultant, Brand Consultancy, Customer Experience, Customer Loyalty, Surrey, London

6 Tips on how to create a Brand Strategy to deliver 10x, not +10% growth!

Given the choice of ‘pushing on an open door’ or ‘pushing water up hill’, what would you choose? I imagine that most of you will go for the open door, especially if the outcome is likely to be better. Defining a strategy to create +10% growth can often feel like pushing water up hill. But […]

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Create brand fans for business growth | Branding Agency | Brand Success. Brand Consultant, Brand Consultancy, Customer Experience, Customer Loyalty, Surrey, London

Brand Fans – who are they and why are they vital to the success of your business?

Think about what defines a fan and you’ll probably immediately think about enthusiastic, passionate followers of sport, music, celebrities. But it’s a term that is increasingly becoming associated with brands. Brand fans are the customers/clients who have been surprised or delighted by what a business has done for them, to the extent that they will […]

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Strategic Management, Strategy Consultant, Strategy Consultancy, Brand Strategy, Small Business, Surrey, London

Business Growth – It’s there for the taking. Seize it!

In an economy characterised by “flat growth”, (Is that not a contradiction in itself?) many business owners and management teams are left wondering if “flat” is the new “growth”. Well, it’s not! It might be an excuse that’s used, or a lowering of company performance expectations “…for the foreseeable future”, but the danger of such […]

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Brand Consultant, Brand Consultancy, Customer Experience, Customer Loyalty, Surrey, London. Brand Success logo

Welcome to a new way to grow your business…

…with Brand Success! Applying a brand approach will put you and your business in a great place from which to generate new, profitable sales growth and add real value to your brand. Clearly the UK economy is emerging from a long recessionary period. If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to re-assess your business […]

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