brand expert, retain customers, increase profit, increase sales. get more customers. increase profits. convert more leads into customers.rand consultant, brand consultancy, customer experience, customer loyalty, Surrey
A branding expert providing branding services to retain customers, increase profit and increase sales with a strategy consultant. Get more customers. increase profits. convert more leads into customers.rand consultant, brand consultancy, customer experience, customer loyalty, Surrey London, brand expert


This grows sales and profit to the full potential of the business

How? These customers are hugely valuable. They love what your business does, buy more and strongly recommend your brand / business to others.


How do we achieve this?

1. Enhance what your business offers and how it’s offered, so that it becomes the best solution for the most valuable customers.

2. Your people – Align, inspire, engage and enable them to create more valuable customer experiences.

3. Help set up the measurement and management of these valuable customer experiences to enable your business to create more valuable customers.


Strategy definition

This is about setting up your brand to attract and retain the most valuable customers for your business. Increase sales. Increase profit! In a brand consultant capacity, we’ll work with you to determine exactly where your brand should be going, how it will get there and how you can achieve a competitive advantage. 

  • Know your audience – a deep understanding of your most valuable customers will make is easier to connect with them. Plus you’ll be able to anticipate their needs and keep one step ahead of your competitors.
  • Create powerful value propositions that will strongly connect your business and brand with the needs of your most valuable audiences.
  • Define your brand – ensuring that all elements of your brand come together in ways that attract valuable customers to your business. These include compelling brand values, personality, tone, promise, essence and a clear sense of purpose.
  • Define the brand positioning – we’ll stake out the specific space in the market that your brand will own.
  • Establish the brand vision, mission and strategy – together, we’ll decide what your brand will be famous for and how it will connect with your most valuable customers.
  • Define an innovation strategy – the focus and priority of new product and service creation to continually build new and repeat business.


Define your growth strategy. Let’s discuss!


Making it happen!

We’ll bring your brand strategy alive in exciting and innovative ways that will turn your customers and your staff into brand fans – because personal recommendation is always the most compelling reason for new audiences to choose and buy your brand.

  • Bridge the gap – we’ll do what’s required to get your brand to where it needs to be
  • Develop your brand and its identity – we’ll ensure your brand is fit for purpose to deliver the strategy. From brand identity development to the creation of brand guidelines, we’ll make sure your brand is consistent across all applications and channels online and in print.
  • Create brand environments – we’ll identify the most effective spaces where your people and customers can experience your brand.
  • Build in the ability for your brand to create customers who become brand fans – belief in your brand will naturally mean your customers want more and more from it.
  • Define the customers journeys and experience – finding ways to surprise and delight at every stage to create brand fans
  • Define the brand way – introducing brand standards, processes and systems will provide a solid framework on which your people and your customers do business. The brand way is a better way.
  • Align and engage your people – when there is change, it’s vital to take staff on the journey with you. We’ll emotionally connect them to a common purpose and focus them on making change happen. This increases their level of engagement with what they do and their commitment to the brand. This enhances their performance – and your return on investment.


Let’s discuss how to make this happen in your business


Measurement & management

We’ll measure and monitor your brand’s performance, actively managing it into a high performance territory and ensuring it stays there.

  • Performance measurement – we’ll measure and monitor your brand’s performance.
  • Brand management – analysis and interpretation of the brand’s performance will enable us to implement and manage effectively resourced and managed actions.
  • Motivate your people – we’ll get them fully on board to deliver high performance.
  • Refinement – ongoing monitoring and measurement will determine any tweaks needed to further improve your brand standards, processes and systems.


Measure and manage your customer experience. Let’s discuss!

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