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Managing Director, Chris Burton, has more than twenty years of experience in successfully and profitably growing businesses through brands. The mini case studies featured here represent a glimpse into the range of different initiatives directed and lead by Chris.

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Brand and business transformation for a small professional services business

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The Context

A small professional services business advising architects, developers and construction companies on sustainability regulations in the building industry. A brand with a proposition similar to the majority of the competitive set. In spite of high levels of customer service performance, the business faced a constant downward pressure on prices for the services offered.

The Task

“To overhaul our brand, re-energise, and crystalise our company values.”

What Was Done

Brand repositioning to carve out and own a new space in the market – successful energy assessments.

Developed and refined a new, differentiated and more valuable brand proposition – Making your world better. This focused on making the clients projects more successful through the specific advice given to each project. The market talked about passing energy assessments. EnergistUK promised passing assessments in such a way as to make the whole project more successful. This is much more valuable for clients. One example of this new proposition in action saved a client £300k on one project alone.

Employee alignment and engagement. Achieved through immersive workshops, business process change and coaching. Embedding the new, repositioned brand into a new and better way of doing business.

Brand-wide overhaul – Brand DNA redefined and brought alive through brand collateral and guidelines, brand sense of purpose, essence, promise, values and personality,brand identity design, website development and implementation. Brand measurement method was also enhanced.

The Outcomes

Significant increases in the strength of client willingness to recommend the business. All clients responding to requests for feedback on their experience were willing to recommend the brand to colleagues.

98% of employees strongly aligned to and engaged in delivering the new brand direction and promise. 90% agreed that it made their working life better. Nearly 90% of employees agreed/strongly agreed that the new brand work enabled them to make the business more successful. “I firmly believe that the brand gives us the tools need to lift Energist to the next level”

The brand took the high ground in the market place with the most valuable proposition. This translated into the enhanced profitability of services offered.

“Chris was invited to overhaul our brand, re-energise, and crystalise our company values. I can honestly say, Chris is one of THE most focused, conscientious, smart, professional, high integrity people I have ever had the pleasure of working with, and he damn well knows his stuff too! We couldn’t have achieved everything we have with our brand without Chris.” Sarah Fenwick – Managing Director – EnergistUK.

“Chris is a pleasure to work with. He brings enthusiasm, integrity, huge lashings of sincerity and is a force to be reckoned with in the brand world. The difference he has made at Energist UK is fantastic.” Ri Ferrier – Business Consultant

Early Learning Centre

Brand revitalisation and engagement – Align, engage and motivate retail teams to deliver the brand through ‘play-ology’.

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Company: Mothercare Group

The Challenge

Drive like for like sales going into the most important trading period

The Solution

Recapture the spirit of the brand through brand definition and the creation of the ‘play-ology’ internal engagement concept to enhance and differentiate the customer experience in stores. Align, engage, enable and motivate retail teams to deliver the brand through ‘play-ology’ via a series of engagement events.

The Results

Sales growth – Between +6%-+9% like-for-like sales increase ahead of stores not implementing this new initiative. 

Highly engaged and motivated retail teams, focused on bringing alive the spirit of the brand every day. Customers noticed and preferred the difference across the retail estate and especially in the trial stores, where a strong and consistent like for like sales and profit growth was clearly evident, producing a rapid return on investment. A positive sales response across the retail business was clearly evident, delivering rapid returns on investment from the revitalisation programme.

Chris is a highly creative and visionary brand marketing specialist who has the ability to get to the heart of any brand very quickly. Passionate about customers and keen to educate those who work with him as to the advantages of advocacy in both commercial and environmental terms, he will act as a catalyst to focusing a team’s efforts to deliver. Engaging, optimistic and easy to work with he will bring fresh new thinking into any senior group.” Karen Bosher – Head of Group Stores – Mothercare/Early Learning Centre

Tastes Catering

Brand strategy, brand repositioning and brand creation for a small catering business

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The Context

This small catering company had been successfully trading for over 20 years, serving the delivered-in catering market for businesses in central London. Growth had plateaued but the business was experiencing and exploring new growth opportunities in providing in-company restaurant catering.

The Task

Enhance the value of the business by developing a more valuable brand.

What Was Done

Brand strategy – Repositioning the existing Tastes brand with a new more valuable and differentiated proposition.

Brand creation. Complete brand definition – from sense of purpose, values, personality, promise and value proposition to brand naming and identity, operations processes and engagement. Identified a completely new and even higher value proposition compared to the existing brand. This new proposition is completely innovative and seeks to create a whole new market segment. It redefines the role for catering within a business. It’s so differentiated that it has to be delivered through a new brand.

Marketing strategy and planning.


Preparing for launch. Watch this space for more news…

Toilet Duck

Innovation – Define new product innovation for the Toilet Duck brand with sufficient scale and uniqueness to warrant significant advertising investment.

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Product innovation. Company: SC Johnson Wax.

The Challenge

Define new product innovation for the Toilet Duck brand with sufficient scale to warrant significant advertising investment.

The Solution

Identified new customer insights via a wildly different research programme. This informed the creation of new product ideas which were tested for business size after being prototyped. Top performing ideas were then developed.

The Results

Significant and commercially viable new product concepts were created and successfully prototyped for each segment of the toilet cleaner market.

The first to be commercialised by SC Johnson was Toilet Duck – Fresh Brush cleaning system. Addressed the issues associated with toilet brushes with a disposable head cleaning system. This created significant incremental sales and market share for SC Johnson, as the product is totally complimentary to the existing product range. Also boosted the cash value to the toilet cleaner category for retail customers.


Brand creation – Panoplis created for SSP, one of the world’s largest food & beverage brand retailers specialising in airports and rail stations.

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Company: Select Service Partner – One of the world’s largest food & beverage retailers specialising in airports and rail stations.

The Challenge

Create extra profitable sales growth for the sandwich category, especially outside the UK, by winning new business in airports.

The Solution

Created Panopolis, a unique retail brand, positioned at the top end of the market for discerning food lovers, willing to pay a premium for sandwich excellence.

The Results

Now generating incremental profitable sales around the world; Hong Kong, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Cyprus, Zurich, London City Airport, JFK (New York), Houston, Toronto. Rated highest for quality, customer satisfaction,(ahead of Costa at pilot store)and value for money. Also achieved the highest staff retention in SSP.

Glade Aromatherapy Candles

Generate extra profitable sales and value share growth, to take Glade candles to a clear and sustained market leader.

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Company: SC Johnson Wax

The Challenge

Generate extra profitable sales and value share growth, to take Glade candles to a clear and sustained market leader.

The Solution

Glade Aromatherapy candles with essential oils. Positioned at a premium (+50%) to Glade seasonal candles and differentiated through;

  • Product – unique candle fragrances with the added credibility of essential oils, in a premium frosted glass jar.
  • Highly impactful packaging that emphasised the premium glass jar.
  • Advertising – different creative and proposition communicated through press, compared to TV used for Glade seasonal candles.

The Results

Achieved and sustained a clear market leadership position. Double digit net profit growth. Research confirmed sales to be in excess of 87% incremental to Glade seasonal candles.

Tulleys Farm

Retail business – profit optimisation | Attractions business – event planning | Business growth strategy and planning | Business model transition.

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Tulleys Farm is an international award winning farm retail and leisure attractions business. With the most profitable and scaleable revenue being produced by the leisure attractions business units, the owners needed to identify new direction and focus for the short and medium term.

The Task

Increase the profitability of the retail business units.

Working with the owners and management team, help to define a business growth strategy, plans and a new business model.

Work Done

Worked with the retail business unit teams to apply retail operations best practice to grow sales and profitability (gross and net) of the retail business units. This included the effective marketing of the business units – Ranging, merchandising, conversion and transaction spend boosting activity and staffing. Coaching the business unit managers to deliver the performance enhancements required, was a critically important part of this work.

Assisted in the project planning to make seasonal attractions more profitable. Provided the framework and templates for the commercial planning of the event, setting objectives and success criteria with the project managers and coaching them to deliver the profitable growth.

Worked with the owners and management team to identify viable growth strategies, running commercial plan scenarios and presenting to the bank to secure funding. Assisted in the implementation of the growth strategy and new business model, including commercial terms for new retail tenant, brand proposition, brand identity and continued commercial coaching of the business unit managers.


The most profitable retail business units grew sales and profit between 20%-40%.

Bank approved the financing of the new growth strategy and plans.

New business model implemented successfully.

Seasonal attractions sales and gross profit growth +20%-35%

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