Little Chef – A surprising customer experience!

Whilst travelling last week, I needed to download and view some attachments on a laptop. I pulled into a service area on the hunt for a wifi zone and ended up in a Little Chef. It’s years since my last visit – a breakfast stop whilst on my way to a sporting event early one Sunday morning.

An impressive brand experience

What happened last week, both surprised me and underlined the reality that an impressive brand experience is defined by what’s just right for you in any given situation. It’s the brand’s style of solution to your issue that will either attract and impress you, or not.  A brand doesn’t have to be inspirational, aspirational, or whatever the latest buzz term is, to make an impact on you and on its own bottom line.

Little Chef logo customer experience

Here’s what happened…

Nothing spectacular. Little Chef just did exactly what I needed it to do, really well. I stayed longer and spent more. Now I’m telling you about it. Why? There’s a valuable lesson for every business in what I experienced.

Fran, who greeted me, asked me the most important question, listened to my response and made sure I left a happy customer. “How can we help you today?” was the question. Fran then knew what my priority was, where I needed to sit ‘Over there where the wifi signal is strongest’ and how she might make my visit, just right for me.

The entire visit turned out to be just perfect. The restaurant was quiet, the wifi worked well, I had a drink and she left me a menu; ‘Just in case you’d like something to eat’, (not ‘Can I take your order?’). She pitched the customer interaction perfectly. One hot ciabatta with olives and balsamic vinegar & oil dip later, (was this really a Little Chef?!) and I was done and on my way. I had stayed longer and spent more because it all worked perfectly for my situation at that time.  A win for the customer and the brand.

So what?

Think about how your brand’s experience might need to adapt slightly to suit your customers’ needs with excellence. How might your brand experience make a real impact that has your customers talking about it, even recommending it.

At Brand Success, our main focus is to generate profitable sales growth by creating more strong advocates for your brand and business.  We’d love to help you achieve this. If you’d like to talk about how we might do this, please make contact with Chris today.

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